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Education aBc Oxford


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Education aBc Oxford (founded in 2003 by caroline and andrew Brown) is an Oxford based, recognised worldwide provider of quality English language courses, teacher training for teachers of English as a foreign language and project management.

Education aBc Oxford currently offers the following both in the UK and overseas:

  • English language (EFL) courses for young and adult learners
    Courses in Italy 2013 / Corsi in Italia 2013
    Courses in France 2014 / Stages en France 2014
  • English for Specific Purposes (e.g. English for Business, English for Management, and English in various disciplines
  • Teacher Training and Teacher Development for teachers of English as a foreign language
  • Seminars and training days to companies and educational establishments
  • Exam preparation courses in English for international students
  • On-line courses for international students of English
  • Recruitment of EFL teachers
  • Consultancy and Project Management for other EFL schools and organisations
Corsi in Italia

Courses in France 2014 / Stages en France 2014Stages en France


Current partners include the following:

  • Primary and Secondary schools in Italy (Liguria, Brescia and Reggio di Calabria, among others)
  • Secondary and Vocational Schools in France
  • The Chinese Ministry of Education (Gaoming)
  • Schools offering EFL courses in the UK

Recent previous partners include the following:

  • United World Colleges in Norway and Swaziland for the Talk Together project
  • St Edward's School, Oxford
  • Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture, Le Mans, France
  • Holcim, Moscow (and on other sites in) Russia
  • Recognised travel agents for language courses worldwide

Please follow the links for further information about some of our current and recent work.

Education aBc Oxford is a 10:10 company